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Organization profile: Daffodil Computers Limited is leading It solution & education solution public company with a good relation to customers it has earn a big respect from clients
Company Type: Information and Technology
Ownership:Public Limited
Year Founded:1990
Headquarters address:64/3, Lake Circus, Kalabagan, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1205
Other Countries with operations (optional, multi select):Malaysia
Organization social media:
Awards received:Daily Star ICT Award 2017
Other relevant corporate information: DCL Laptop by Daffodil Computers Ltd
DCL Mobile by Daffodil Computers Ltd
DCL UPS by Daffodil Computers Ltd.
1 card Solution by Daffodil Computers Ltd Education Unit (Commitment to the Society)  
Business type (multi select):B2B, B2C
Maturity stage of the solution:Growth & Scale
Focus area (multi select):Information and Technology, Education
Services:On Demand and Added Value

Leader of the Organization

The President of the Organization: Ms Shahana Khan
Leader of the organization:Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Managing Director
Name of the Leading Executive:Mr. Jafar Ahmed Patwary
Position title:General Manager (Business)
Social Media Profile:
Email:[email protected]
Contact No:+8801713493161
Contact Address:64/3 Lake Circus, Kalabagan
Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Alternate Contact Person: Mr. Abdur Rob
Email:[email protected]
Contact No: +8801713493190

Solution Profile:

Solution profile and success case (please provide information on your innovative solution):
Service to clients is, of course, the prime importance for Dolphin – our solution division is dedicated to this goal. Some salient features of our solution department can be shown as under:
- 6 days service opportunity (Sat - Thus)
- Repairing/Troubleshooting of all kind of IBM Compatible PCs, printers, monitors and definitely all ranges of ACER Server products;
- Specialization on the repairing/troubleshooting of all kind of Notebook PCs;
- 6 highly qualified engineers and 3 technicians to look after the maintenance service offered to customers;
- One well – equipped workshop with all modern equipment facilities;
-A highly rich stock of spares and accessories