Dolphin Computers Ltd.

Dolphin Computers Limited a leading company of country’s IT sector, started it’s journey in the second day of July 1986 with three hardy persons with small cash in hand but 6 men years of experience in computer technology behind them. Since the beginning, the company has established a successful story of tremendous growth as well as a wide expansion in business areas. The company has been grown further from three peoples to 30 peoples well-knit team today. An in-depth restructuring plan that begun 10 years back contributed heavily to Dolphin’s success allowing our business units to react to market changes ahead of the competition by the committed management team. In the year 2004 the company has been merger with Daffodil Group, one of the most prominent and experienced ICT and Educational conglomerate in Bangladesh. The growth rate of the company annual turnover was more than 35% because the company was in right track of computers business. When others computers firms were increasingly concentrating on ordinary relating, we were always putting more emphases on customer’s service. When other companies bringing technology to the users then we brining users to the updated technology. And that is the real business secrete behind the widespread customer-confidence on our company and its amazing growth.

Business Strategy:
  • To be a global provider of IT business and it’s allied services.
  • Assist our clients to specify and develop the products that can successfully complete in the market.
  • "Our reputation is for service” – this is the business as well as our organizational slogan for many years this will continue for the coming days ahead.
  • Our highly trained staff are our greatest asset supported by a continual investment in the most advanced technology to ensure that are remain at the leading edge of development in handling this IT business.
Approach the market in different ways:  

Turnkey solution: For users, who want to computerize some specific areas of his working operation, we do the systems analysts work. We configure and suggest the system, supply and install the hardware, develop and customize the necessary software and train the related people. Main trend of this field is networking and system integration including software development/support.

Product/service marketing:

As we aim to give our valued clients a one stop solution to their computing needs, we endeavor to provide them whatever they require.

Products & Services:  
Marketing Department: We sell Micro Systems for both home and professional use. This division is not only selling systems in the corporate sector but also in end user segment, which requires on going and effective vendor back-up support. We are the authorized reseller of some ICT products in Bangladesh. We have a customer base over 4000 clients (approx.) in all over Bangladesh. Following are some products we deal:
Authorized Reseller of HP-Compaq IPG, ESG and PSG group products;
Authorized Reseller of Epson Printers;
Authorized service provider of Samsung products;
Authorized Reseller of Imation Super Disk Drive;
Authorized Reseller of 3COM LAN and WAN Products;
Authorized Reseller of Microsoft Software Products;
Authorized Reseller of Panduit Networking Products (as value added reseller);
Authorized Distributor and Service provider of Touch Media Products and Solutions;
Authorized GID of Intel products;
Authorized Reseller of Canon printer;

Solution Department:

Service to clients is of course the prime importance for Dolphin – our solution division is dedicated to this goal. Some salient features of our solution department can be shown as under:
- 6 days a week service provide (Sat - Thus);

- Repairing/Trouble shooting of all kind of IBM Compatible PCs, printers, monitors and definitely all ranges of ACER Server products;

- Specialization on the repairing/trouble shooting of all kind of Notebook PCs;

- 6 highly qualified engineers and 3 technicians to look after the maintenance service offered to customers;

- One well – equipped workshop with all modern equipment facilities;

-A highly rich stock of spares and accessories.



DAFFODIL WEB & E-COMMERCE (DWE), a company proposed by a team of self motivated young computer professionals and business specialists to render highly sophisticated, value-based and quality services in the field of Information Technology to the community as a whole. The company’s main aim and objective is to enable people at all levels to reach appropriate, advanced and ultimate computer-based millennium technologies and solutions through affordable and agreeable means. 
DWE with its short period of start get a big response from the market. In three years of professional operation DWE maintains 60+ clients for different category of customized web site development, database solution, and web based application development, web based human resource solution, web based marketing & training/consultancy.

The range of the services includes:

DWE, a company with strong presence in IT industry since its start, with a work force of over 50 strong professionals in this field. In time span DWE now possess over 100 professionals and a wide source of freelance professionals working on project basis with us throughout the nation as well as international. Today DWE becomes the leader by providing highest possible quality services in the changing market demands and proved it to be the best by getting World Bank Fund for its further research & developments.

In this competitive age the success of any company depends on customer satisfaction through proficient & qualified manpower. DWE gives its professionals the freedom to discover their potentials; as a result we have a highly skilled work force to provide the required solution to our customers on time.

With the recent developments of computer hardware, software and communications facilities combined with innovations in information technology, we have proposed for the following business concepts of multiple services for multiple customers:

Web Solutions Provider (WSP) I Online Human Resource Solution Provider (OHRSP) I Consultation. Training (CT) I Web based Application Development (WAD)

DWEL Professionals:

The professionals of DWE have vast experience in IT field and are familiar with latest OS platforms, development database tools. With latest in-house equipment, facilities and resources, they have acquired skills to under take large web project maintenance, implementation and support. Mostly of our professionals are Web Master Certified from the World Wide Web Institute, the prestigious certificate in this field and also are Brain Bench Certified. Our professionals are trained up from Bangladesh and India in order to serve you the best.

DWEL Expertise

We have the necessary infrastructure supporting the latest technologies to provide you the best and the qualitative web based products and services. With dynamic team of qualified professionals, we can assure you that we can deliver you valuable services in time. DWE professionals use HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, WML, WMLScript, XML, Visual Basic 6.0, C, C++, Visual C++, Java 2, Active X DCOM Technology, Object Oriented Technology, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Oracle 9i, MySQL, SQL, MS Access etc in Unix/Linux, Windows Macintosh Platform. We have developed Customized Web sites, Portals, Online Stores, Online Human Resource Solution, Web Based applications for local International Market with the existing IT resources. DWE is ready to handle any project like client server application development, Customized/Developed web sites, e-commerce solution, Intranet Networking Solutions, High-speed Data Communications both in LAN, WAN.


SSADM based design and development Standard ISP bases analysis standards Prototyping Methodology Development Application Tools Visual lnterdev Macromedia Dream weaver Microsoft Front page I Designing Tools I Adobe Photoshop 6 Adobe Image Ready I Adobe Image Styler I Macromedia Flash Macromedia Fireworks I PaintShop Pro Programming language HTML, DHTML I JavaScript, VBScript, WMLScript I ASP, PHP, XML, WML, UML, Java, VB6, C, C++, Visual C++ I Data Bases I MS-SQL Server MySqI Oracle MS Access We with 3 years of experience and strong desire to continue learning and growing, have made contribution for local and international companies with rich user interface design, development, normalized database design and care had been taken for optimized coding.


Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)

We are very proud to announce that Daffodil Group has established an International standard job oriented training institute named Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI), a professional educational concern of Daffodil Computers Ltd. 

The fast pace of today’s complex society, along with the increasing demands and challenges of modern technological advances has created an unprecedented need for expert managers, executives, legal practitioners; and indeed a necessity for well-seasoned professionals in all fields. But the present education system in the country is not so up to date, technology-driven and professional-oriented that can meet the demands of modern necessities of the global era. As a result a lot of student completing their higher education in different Universities and Institutes are not able to prove themselves to meet the requirements of the recruiter in the job market. Keeping all of these in mind, DIPTI works diligently to bridge the gap between the typical academic classrooms experience and -providing education necessary for the day-to-day demands of business and society. 

At the time of its inception DIPTI is providing a very attractive 100% job assurance training programme for the fresher who has completed their Graduation in different fields or who has completed Diploma in Engineering in Electronic/ Computer. 

DIPTI will convert these fresher to 100% true professional through trainings and internship in the respective fields, after successfully completing the training program and internship DIPTI will employ them in the different concern of Daffodil Group.



Daffodil has made a long-term commitment to achieve excellence in the ICT, education and services. In respect, Daffodil Computers Ltd has worked hard over the last several years to become the country's number one ICT conglomerate and simultaneously prime education provider of the country. Daffodil will represent the image of the country and will carry the national flag all over the world. Daffodil will make revolution in the ICT sector and this is the commitment to the nation. Daffodil has been working to provide Total ICT Solution. Another great innovation of Daffodil Computers Ltd. is Kiosk. With the mission to deliver great ICT services and results through our people- to achieve leadership in the ICT markets through the constant pursuit, in association with the clients and partners, of superior levels of service, efficiency and quality, Daffodil Computers Ltd is going to introduce the Kiosk idea in Bangladesh.

In today’s busy world, kiosk machines and mall kiosks are growing increasingly popular. Kiosk concept is new in Bangladesh. Recently some of our corporate and financial sector started Kiosk to provide customer services. But they are focusing only their own products and services. Our Kiosk will be petty different from that. Kiosk will include so many feature where people can able to find all about product information, searching a jobs, looking a daily newspapers, self-ordering in restaurants, healthcare screening statistics, and much more across a variety of segments including retail, business, travel/tourism, communications, financial, government, transportation, entertainment, Medicare and other sectors. It will be a portable and an independent stand from which merchandise is sold, often placed in the common area of a shopping mall, railway station, bus stand, bazaar, or any crowded areas. It can be placed in any suitable urban or remotest rural areas where net facility is available. We are designing our Kiosk model in such way where a person can open his or her own retail store or business by using a kiosk and avoid paying large amounts of overhead or high rental fees.

Daffodil Computers Limited has decided to establish Kiosk center in all districts, towns and even in the remotest parts of the country where people can get access their necessary services with a less payment or without any payment. In Kiosk center people can get information to make their life easy and batter. People from all professions can be benefited by Kiosk center. Community people can get their necessary services from Kiosk twelve to sixteen hours a day, seven days a week.